This blog post was originally published by Gouri Ekkirala.

The information in this blog post is applicable to the Network Performance Insight dashboards introduced in V1.2.2.


Consider the following scenario:

  • You have multiple NPI nodes in your cluster. You have installed the NPI Dashboards application along with basecamp-ui Service and the application is up and running all the nodes.
  • You have an integration with Dashboard Application Service Hub (DASH) on one of the cluster nodes for communications.

In this scenario, you want to fail over or switch to another NPI host for the duration of the maintenance cycle of the active host, and you also want to establish the integration with DASH on the new NPI host. In this case you might lose some dashboard-related data from the active host.

More information

Download this document to understand the failover mechanism you can apply to mitigate the data loss.

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