Sometimes it takes a few discoveries to get an ITNM Network Manager GIS “geographic” discovery correct. Some stitchers need to be modified and maybe the creation of a custom ncim table and the creation of locations in a csv file. But often when it’s done the reaction is “where are the devices?”

I’ve added 3 pointers to the following screenshot. The blue arrow points me to my location icon. I’ve discovered devices at this location, but I seem to have one placeholder.

The red pointer on the right shows me the toaster style popup but it says there should be 3 devices

The green pointer in the upper left shows me the map configuration icon.

This default view is called an aggregation to region. Rather than show all the devices it shows one icon. If in fact there had been 50 devices at this location this could have made the map quite cluttered. To see if this is your issue follow the green arrow and click the

map configuration

at the popup click

topology rendering

aggregate topology to region -> disable

and apply

I have no connectivity so this is maybe what I was looking for all along.

Can the aggregation parameter be permanently changed rather than always using the map configuration?

The config.json on the gui server has all the parameters for configuring details of the graphical side of the geographic discovery. Follow your path


Save your original config.json to a backup file and edit

“aggToRegion”: “true”,


“aggToRegion”: “false”,

false will give the same results as the ->disable gave us when going through the map configuration.

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