Although part of Cloud Event Management, Runbook Automation (RBA) has followed its own release schedule. In this post we will take a look at some of new the things available in the latest update from 2019-03-01.

What’s New in Knowledge Center

Our complete overview of new features and capabilities for RBA is available on the What’s New page. Go there to get a quick overview.

What’s New Videos

Also available are the RBA “What’s New” videos. The RBA – Center of Excellence currently hosts all those videos. We will move them to this page soon, for now you can have a look there.

Note: You might need to log in to DeveloperWorks in order to be able to see that site.

What’s New in March 2019

Finally we arrive at the current release. After the December release was full to the brink with new features and those all important security enhancements, the goal for the March release was to stabilize and offer you a better performance for the features we already have.

The main focus of our quality work was in the UI, where unfortunately more than the usual number of little bugs managed to creep in. We tested intensively on all supported browsers and hope you will agree, that things look much smoother now.

Luckily bug fixing was not the only thing we did. After we squashed all those pesky bugs, we once again extended the public API. API Key Management for RBA standalone deployments (both on Marketplace or as Private Deployment) can now be done via our new API Key Routes.

Finally, we invested into more performance of the RBA application, specifically on the database backend part. This is the base of the possible filters on the Executions page, so you can efficiently retrieve the Executions you actually want to see, out of many that are possibly there. The other area where the development focused on was the connection to the Impact server, if it is configured. The network communication between those two parts is now much more efficient, causing less calls to be made and therefore putting less stress on the Impact server, especially if you have a lot of Triggers defined.

So in conclusion, the March 2019 release is not about the release of great new features, but on making RBA more and more robust to support the righ amount of features already there.

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