In this series of blogs, I and my teammates are going to tell you all about the release of version 1.6 of Netcool Operations Insight. We’ll tell you about great new capabilities that will help you face and embrace the new challenges in Operations Management.

We’ve driven our release roadmap from deep collaborations with our sponsor clients, each of which are rising to the challenge of the Digital Transformation.

For example, we are working with Enterprises that used Netcool for many years to manage traditional IT infrastructure. They are rapidly investing in public and private cloud technologies to help drive the agility of their development teams. They need to scale and evolve Operations to meet the demands of additional layers of virtualisation, modern application technologies, and modern delivery and operations paradigms (e.g. DevOps, SRE).

Our Communications Service Provider clients are being driven by time-to-market for brand new service types, and to differentiate through rapid and flexible service provision and decommission.

In Netcool Operations Insight v1.6 we’ve added a host of new capabilities to help you rise to these challenges:

ITOps to AIOps in 5 steps
NOI 1.6 new features

1. Connect, observe and ingest

We’ve added more than 30 new out-of-the-box integrations for hybrid cloud management, allowing you to ingest and transform data from cloud service provider platforms, monitoring tools and CI/CD tools.

2. Reduce noise and incidents

We’ve developed a zero-configuration, continuously-learning Artificial Intelligence that analyses all events flowing through NOI, consolidating and grouping events that are related and detecting events that occur in a predictable pattern. This is accompanied by a unique new “explainable AI” UX so that you can build trust in the decisions and insights delivered by the AI.

3. Get relevant context

In highly dynamic, virtualised environment, context is key during Incident Management and post-mortem activities. With our world-class topological views you can see real-time and historical views of the status and structure of your applications, services and infrastructure to help you pinpoint root causes and gain invaluable insight for Incident prevention.

4. Automate response

You may have a mixture of human and machine-driven processes for Incident resolution. We have developed powerful tooling to help you mature your approach to automatic response. This capability empowers your operators with structured manual and semi-automatic response runbooks, and helps you drive this further with event-driven automation orchestration.

5. Collaborate

I’ve talked about shift left operations previously, and your organisation may be going through this transformation where your Lines Of Business require greater levels of autonomy and self-service. To this end, we’ve added Incident-driven workspaces where application teams can collaborate on business-affecting outages, leveraging ChatOps tools and underpinned by the AI enhancements I mentioned earlier.

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