In September 2019 a new release of NOI 1.6 including Cloud Event Management (CEM) and Runbook Automation (RBA) has been made available. You can pick up the changes for your OpenShift installation or enjoy the automated update on the SaaS offering. The RBA additions are also applied to the RBA Private Deployment (RBA PD) option.

Knowledge Center documentation of new features

Our official documentation in the Knowledge Center once again contains the relevant updates for CEM and RBA. Browse to these pages for a brief update, as well as a historical view of past updates:

What’s New in September 2019

Ansible Tower Automation Provider

You probably already heard at least something about Ansible. In case you didn’t: It is a well-known automation framework with powerful concepts, tools, and many other things. Head over to Ansible, if you want to know more. In order to leverage this powerful framework, Runbook Automation extended its automation capabilities with the new Ansible Tower Automation Provider.

Our integration, as the name suggests, is not with the basic Ansible. Instead RBA lets you integrate with Ansible Tower. This is because Ansible Tower provides a powerful REST interface to connect to, but also Ansible Tower provides a more high-level integration point. In each Automation you can reference a Job Template or a Workflow Job Template. Each of those template types offer a lot of options, features, but also simplification for you to exploit.

A Job Template in Ansible Tower is an aggregation point for many different assets and concepts. It typically combines a Playbook (the automation content), with credentials and inventories. So instead of pulling them together again and again, you can just use that ready-made (Workflow) Job Templates and use them in your runbooks. Additionally the RBA UI helps you make an Automation quite easily. Just choose from the list of templates and the necessary parameters will be automatically created.

Additionally the Ansible Tower allows you to connect to Ansible Galaxy and get access to a lot of automation content from a very active and big community.

You can access the full documentation in our Knowledge Center

Fully-Automated Runbooks Performance

If you are already using Full-Automated Runbooks (FARB), you will be delighted to hear this. We spend a lot of effort to increase the stability, performance, and resource usage of the FARB-process. This applies to all scenarios, regardless of whether the FARB was triggered from a Trigger (via OMNIbus), from API (via “execute” API endpoint), or from CEM Incidents.

On the technical side we simplified our own architecture, but also introduced a steady mechanism to work on the FARBs. In consequence, even if an arbitrarily large number of simultaneous requests comes in, RBA will work on those “one by one” as fast as it can, without spiking on memory or CPU consumption (or even crashing). As we cleaned up the internal executor, each indiviual run should also run faster, while reducing the load on your database.

Enhanced Incidents view

See additional details on the incident cards and a new Resources tab in the incident details that displays a list of the resources affected. For more information, see Managing incidents.

External Enrichment

Specific to IBM Cloud Private deployment. When Cloud Event Management is installed into an IBM Multicloud Manager environment you can specify a resource to enrich your event with by selecting a resource type and at least one query parameter. For more information, see Setting up event policies and Example: Changing event information through external enrichment.

Enhanced Netcool/OMINbus Gateway for Cloud Event Management

The event grouping present in Netcool Operations Insight will be replicated when those events are forwarded to Cloud Event Management. For more information, see Configuring Netcool/OMNIbus as an event source.

Updated Components

CEM has updated most of the components we run on. So we updated a lot of stuff, like the node.js runtime, which is now v10.16.3. This includes crucial Security Fixes, but also overall smaller improvements to our UI.

Find out more

In this blog post, we showed you exciting new features for the Incident and Automation capabilities of NOI. If you would like to know more about what NOI can help you with, please feel free to contact us! 

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