The kafka_topic_reassigner.sh script corrects the replication factor for existing Kafka topics in Operations Management on IBM Cloud Private, version 1.6.0.


To run the script, login to the cluster from the command line and run
./kafka_topic_reassigner.sh helm_release_name
Where helm_release_name is the name of your Operations Management on IBM Cloud Private helm release.

Run with a ‘-D’ flag for additonal debug information.

Reference the following documentation for more information:

Released: 31 Oct 2019
Version: N/A
Cost: No Charge
Support: Not Supported
Download License: L-JROZ-72S5LA



  • IBM Netcool Operations Insights on IBM Cloud Private V1.6


This package is subject to the License terms included, along with those displayed upon download.

To report a problem with deploying this entry, entitled customers may contact the country specific IBM support channel, reference the IBM Worldwide Directory.

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