IBM Netcool Agile Service Manager (ASM) provides operations teams with complete up-to-date visibility and control over dynamic infrastructure and services. ASM enables you to create pre-defined subtopologies relevant to a particular role which can be visualised at a later stage. In this article, we’ll focus on how ASM provides quick access to relevant, visual context that will accelerate mean-time-to-know and mean-time-to-repair.

ITOps to AIOps in 5 steps
ITOps to AIOps in 5 steps

Netcool Agile Service Manager

Explore and learn about Netcool Agile Service Manager and how it can help you extract relevant business context by using the topology about your critical business applications, services, and infrastructure. We’ve recently added capabilities in Agile Service Manager that enables the operator to:

  • View and explore topologies and subtopologies relevant to a particular role
  • Create templates for front-end services
  • Create templates for payment services
  • Navigate templates

Click the following links to some videos that will help you to discover more about these features:

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If you would like to know more about how Netcool Agile Service Manager can help you get relevant context of your business applications, and help you work more efficiently, please feel free to contact us! 

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