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Log Analysis 1.3.2 – What’s New

This post introduces new features & capabilities in the latest Log Analysis version 1.3.2 including new event management integrations, insight packs and much more.

Log Analysis – Hadoop Integration

This article explains how IBM Log Analysis integrates Hadoop distributions from IBM Big Insights or Cloudera to store and search long term data.

Log Analysis – Alerts Configuration

This video illustrates how alerts, related conditions and user specified actions can be configured in Log Analysis version 1.3.1. For a companion blog entry on...

Alerts and Anomaly Detection in Log Analysis

How Log Analysis version 1.3.1 can help with Anomaly Detection & generating real time alerts during data ingestion when user specified conditions are detected.

What’s new in Log Analysis 1.3.1

Log Analysis 1.3.1 – new features and capabilities. Reference the companion blog entry for additional information on features and capabilities. See Key features in Log...

Key features in Log Analysis 1.3.1

I am excited to share new capabilities available as part of Log Analysis 1.3.1 which was released earlier on 11 June 2015. Here are...

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