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CEM: Are my Runbooks improving?

“Are my runbooks improving?” or “What feedback did I get for the runbooks?“ could be question you are asking yourself from time to time. After...

CEM: What’s New in June 2019

In June 2019 a new release of Cloud Event Management, including Runbook Automation has been made available. You can pick up the changes for your...

CEM: How to use Event Data in your Runbook

One of the premier use cases of Cloud Event Management is to act on incoming events via Event and Incident Policies. In this article, you...

CEM: From BigFix to Automated Runbook in one Blog Post

Since the very first release, Runbook Automation includes an integration with BigFix. This allows BigFix customers to leverage their existing automation capabilities. In this Blog...

What’s New in Runbook Automation (2018-08)

The main new features are: · Better Search & Filter Capabilities · New Library Page · New History Page · New Layout to manage Connections

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