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What’s New in Runbook Automation (2018-08)

The main new features are: · Better Search & Filter Capabilities · New Library Page · New History Page · New Layout to manage Connections

What’s New in Runbook Automation (2018-05)

Main topics: Multi-Target Automations Conditional Automations Gateway Automation Concepts

CEM: What’s new in the latest RBA update?

Although part of Cloud Event Management, Runbook Automation (RBA) has followed its own release schedule. In this post we will take a look at some...

CEM: Create runbook reports with “rbastar”

Clicking through a lot of screens of an application to get all the data visible can be tiresome. Sometimes you want to display the data...

CEM: AutomationOutput and Newlines

Sometimes it might be a little confusing what exactly ends up in the output of an automation and why the follow up action using that...