IBM SAN Director Insight Pack

Posted: September 30, 2015 Modified: October 9, 2015


Use the IBM SAN Director Insight Pack to analyze event messages, from the IBM SAN family of Directors, in Operations Analytics – Log Analysis. This includes dashboards providing a graphical view reflecting events occurring across multiple pieces of software and hardware by comparing the IBM SAN records to other records from the same time period. You can then drill down to view the event content in order to take proscriptive actions to address concerns before they become storage related problems.

IBM San Director Insight Pack Events Dashboard
IBM San Director Insight Pack Events Dashboard

In addition to the insight pack content, a Log Agent service is provided to collect log messages from your IBM SAN Directors and send them to IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis. The Log Agent service is installed on and runs on the Log Analysis server.

Additional information

To include IBM San Director event messages in Operations Analytics – Log Analysis, two key components need to be in place:

Log Agent service: This included process will collect the event message log content from the IBM SAN Directors routing them to the Log Analysis server. Multiple installations of the Log Agents are allowed to support gathering IBM SAN Director event messages.

IBM San Director Insight Pack: Containing the resources (splitter, annotator, dashboards and search) needed to ingest event messages into Log Analysis and provide the operational visual dashboards.

Refer to the Insight Pack documentation for additional information on the Insight Packs and steps for installing and configuring.

Training Information

Review the following video for information on using and setting up the Insight Pack.

Training and overview presentation used in the training video.

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IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis Insight Packs for Storage- Standard 1.1 License.

Released: 29 September 2015
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Product Information
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  • IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis version 1.3.0 or above
  • IBM SAN Director accessible over SSH connection
  • IBM SAN Log Agent requires IBM Java 1.7

  • Purchased “IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis Insight Packs for Storage- Standard 1.1” License for each installed Insight Pack.


This package is subject to the License terms included with the Insight Pack, along with those displayed upon download.

To report a problem with deploying this entry, entitled customers may contact the country specific IBM support channel, reference the IBM Worldwide Directory. Also use the “Support” link to access the support site for IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis information.