Tivoli Storage Manager Insight Pack

Posted: September 30, 2015 Modified: October 5, 2015


Use the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Insight Pack to include dashboards in Operations Analytics – Log Analysis reflecting metrics from Storage Manager Activity Logs. Using the displayed graphs from the ingested data, customers can initiate searches on the ingested metadata to analyze different activities and events about their TSM Servers.

Operations Log Analysis Tivoli Storage Manager Insight Pack Dashboards

Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) generates Activity Log messages. These can be retrieved via the dsmadmc command, either in batch mode, or as a stream. The typical command to get the a stream of activity log is:

dsmadmc -id=myuser -pas=mypassword -se=mytsm -tabd -console.

The Tivoli Storage Manager forwarder can open such stream, collect and send to the TSM Insight Pack which can process and store all these messages. The messages provided by TSM have fundamental information such as a timestamp, a message id and a message text. The TSM Insight Pack splitter and annotator has the intelligence to extract extra information and add extra annotations usable for Search and Dashboards.

Additional information

To include Tivoli Storage Manager data in Operations Analytics – Log Analysis, two key components need to be in place:

The Forwarder: this process will retrieve the TSM activity log sending it in a normalized format to the SCALA engine. The Forwarder can run on the same host as the Operations Analytics – Log Analysis  server or on a different host within your Network.

Log Analysis Engine: It will contain the TSM Insight Pack (splitter, annotator, dashboards and search).

The following image demonstrates the process flow of content from the TSM server to the splitter and annotator tools contained in the Insight Pack.

Operations Log Analysis Tivoli Storage Manager Insight Pack Data Process

Note: The Forwarder can be installed on a separate box, but should be started using IBM JRE.

Refer to the Insight Pack documentation for additional information on the Insight Packs and steps for installing and configuring.

Training Information

Review the following video for information on using and setting up the Insight Pack.

Training and overview presentation used in the training video.

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Released: 29 September 2015
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  • IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis version 1.3.0 or above
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager versions 6.3 to 7.1
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Backup Client must be installed on the Operations Analytics – Log Analysis server.
  • Purchased “IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis Insight Packs for Storage- Standard 1.1″ License for each installed Insight Pack.


This package is subject to the License terms included with the Insight Pack, along with those displayed upon download.

To report a problem with deploying this entry, entitled customers may contact the country specific IBM support channel, reference the IBM Worldwide Directory. Also use the “Support” link to access the support site for IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis information.