For IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis, it is always a good idea to provide external links so a customer using the dashboards defined in an Insight Pack can refer to those links as a troubleshooting guide or document reference. This will aid the customer while problem solving issues.

Adding HTML Expert Advice pages to your Insight Packs

Expert advice (HTML) based pages are a simple HTML file containing links or references to various external troubleshooting guides. The HTML page, represented in the file, gets added to the list of dashboards defined in your Insight Pack. This is a recommended optional feature to increase the solution value of the Insight Pack for your customer.

The selected Operations Analytics – Log Analysis toolkit, used to develop and build Insight Packs, contains support for adding this capability. The HTML expert advice capability was made available in Log Analysis 1.3.1 and higher. To incorporate in an Insight Pack, the content developer only needs to provide an HTML based file named “InfoLinks.html”. When building the Insight Pack with the appropriate tooling, the necessary support files will automatically be created for the Insight Pack.

Steps to create the HTML expert advice page

  1. Create an HTML document with the links to expert advice pages. Reference the following sample:
  2. expert advice example

  3. Type the title text between the < title > < /title > tags.
  4. This is a mandatory step because, the Insight Pack tooling will create a dashboard App file for you while building the Insight Pack with the title as its name. Without the dashboard App file, the HTML expert advice page wont be listed among other dashboards. For example; < title > IIB Expert Advice < /title >. The app file will be named as IIB Expert

  5. Specify header for the links between the header < h1 > tags.
  6. The expert advice links should be given between < div > tags. Specify the URL in the href attribute inside < a > tag.
  7. You can provide multiple links under the same heading by separating them using the break tag < br >.
  8. exper advice image 2

  9. Save it as “InfoLinks.html”. Currently we support only one standard file name. Save your html file under < insight_pack_folder>/src-files/unity_apps/apps/ in your eclipse project.
  10. exper advice image 3

  11. Now Build the project in eclipse.
  12. Right click on the project Build Insight Pack.

  13. During the build, the tool will automatically generate the support files for HTML expert advice under the same folder as the InfoLinks.html.
    • Dashboard App file
    • Python script to activate the InfoLinks.html file when the dashboard is clicked on UI.

    exper advice image 4

    NOTE: If the < title > tags are not provided, you will get the following error in the eclipse console.

    Build Failed: < title > and < /title > tags are missing in InfoLinks.html.

  14. Once the build is done successfully, you can use the Insight Pack Installation zip to install the insight pack on the required machine.
    • Installation of the insight pack is done using package management tool ( -install insightpackZip)
  15. Once the insight pack is successfully installed, you can see the newly created dashboard in the UI. It will be grouped among other dashboards under the Insight pack name. The name of the dashboard will be the name you had provided in the < title > tag in InfoLinks.html.
  16. Double click on the dashboard, to bring it up on the UI. The HTML Expert advice page that you had provided using the InfoLinks.html will be displayed as shown below.

exper advice image 5

Thus, following the “Insight Pack Add Expert Advice Page,” using HTML Expert advice feature, you can provide external links for the users using which they can figure out the problems, troubleshoot, etc. Insight Pack Add Expert Advice Page

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