IBM Operations Analyics – Log Analysis provides the following editions to get started in addressing your analytic needs. Start with the Entry edition to discover the great features in Log Analysis. Then for your operational systems step up to the full Standard edition by purchasing the full product license and applying the activation key to turn on the standard features.

Select the following edition for further information and access.

IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis Editions Table
Entry Edition Standard Edition
Aggregated Search Feature
Hadoop Connector
Stat Functions Basic (min, max, sum, avg, count) Basic + Advanced (missing, sun-of-squares, stddev, percentile)
Ingestion 2GB/Day Licensed per MVS/MVND
Use Non-Production Production
Insight Packs Add-ons
Bundled Insight Packs (free)
Use Purchased Standard Insight Packs
Use Purchased Premium Insight Packs
Use Purchased Ticket Analytics Add-on

IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis by default installs the “Entry” edition. After installation a script is run to apply the license key. Upon restarting Log Analysis the standard features will be available. This makes it easy to upgrade from using the Entry edition to the Standard edition preserving entered data.

MVS: Managed Virtual Server
MVND: Managed Virtual Network Device


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