The following are frequently asked questions pertaining to IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis Installation.

How do I create a new installation user?

Before you start the installation, create a non-root user. This is necessary to allow you to install the product. For more information, see Create non-root user.

How do I create a new installation group?

If you want to create a dedicated group, the following command can be run:

groupadd groupname

Note: You may need to use the full path to groupadd to run the command. (/usr/sbin/groupadd)

How do I create a new installation directory?

With proper permissions for the target directory location, you can run the following commands:

mkdir /path/to/install/
mkdir /path/to/install//

How do I change the permissions for an installation directory?

Enter the following command:

chown -R username:groupname /

How do I disable SELINUX?

For more information about changing the settings for SELINUX on your system, see Disabling Security-Enhanced Linux.

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