An “Insight Pack” is a set of related artifacts for ingesting, transforming and visualizing data from an application, operating system, technology or solution.

 An “Insight Pack” defines:

  • The type of data to be consumed from the target solution – (documents, logs, metrics, events or other solution based data).
  • How data is split and annotated to breakdown relevant information into useful fields (Facets) that customers can search on for locating errors, patterns and trends.
  • How the annotated data is indexed to manipulate search results for better problem determination and diagnostics.
  • How to visualize specific data in terms of charts and dashboards useful for trouble shooting.
  • Expert Advise Components to suggest possible error and problem resolutions located during search.
  • Alert definitions for consumed data anomaly detection.
  • Default chart templates to support the type of data being consumed

Customers can install additional “Insight Packs” to ingest data from applications and devices in their operational environment.

Additional Insight Pack information

Additional Insight Pack Documents

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