Install and Configure Insight Pack Tooling

The following covers steps required for installing and configuring IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis Insight Pack Tooling. Once the required software is available, the installation steps will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.


Download following software

After providing your details download the following images (Note: If IBM download director does not work for some reason, you could download using http) InsightPackInstall in 20 Figure2

Extract and run eclipse.

  • Extract
  • Run eclipse.exe.  If it fails , add Java information in eclipse.ini as shown below:

InsightPackInstall in 20 Figure3

Install Log Analysis tooling

After eclipse restarts, Select help –> Install New Software.

InsightPackInstall in 20 Figure4

Click on Add, then click on Archive and  select  Then select OK.

InsightPackInstall in 20 Figure5

Select the software displayed. Click on Next and then accept the license terms. During install, when asked about trusting certificates as shown below, select Log Analysis Eclipse Plugin and then click on OK.

InsightPackInstall in 20 Figure6

Accept the option to restart eclipse.


InsightPackInstall in 20 Figure7

Congratulations: Log Analysis Insight Pack tooling is now installed and you can start creating your first insight pack.


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