IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis provides a semi-structured data analytics solution. Use IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis to identify problems and propose solutions by searching and indexing large volumes of unstructured data from a variety of sources. IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis allows you to reduce problem diagnosis and resolution time and more effectively manage your infrastructure and applications.

Before you can perform a search on log or other data, you must first load the data into IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis. An Insight Pack is a set of artifacts packaged together to allow IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis to ingest the data that is loaded. An Insight Pack contains a complete set of artifacts required to process a data source. You can install, uninstall, or upgrade an Insight Pack as a stand-alone package.

Each Insight Pack defines:

  • The type of log data that is to be consumed.
  • How data is annotated. The data is annotated to highlight relevant information.
  • How the annotated data is indexed. The indexing process allows you to manipulate search results for better problem determination and diagnostics.
  • Optionally, how to render data in an app chart or visualization.

The following toolkits are provided to assist you with building insight packs: