For medium to large scale deployments to configure the operating system and underlying hardware for maximum performance and scalability the following are recommended:

    Use non-virtualized bare metal systems.

    Do not use Hyper-Threading.

    Use hardware RAID 5 at a minimum (RAID 10 recommended) for the Predictive Insights file system server.

    Use hardware RAID 10 configuration for all database related file systems.

    Do not use hardware RAID configurations other than 5 and 10.

    Do not use network attach storage as it is not supported.

    Do not use remotely shared file systems as they are not supported.

    Use SAN only for all external files systems if they are used.

    Use an IP Network that supports a minimum transfer rate of 1GB/s.

    Carry out periodic system audits and analysis to ensure optimal performance and identify any future growth needs.

If you plan to use a virtualized environment, the following are highly recommended:

    Use a dedicated CPU and not a shared CPU.

    Use dedicated memory and not shared memory.

    Use dedicated disk IO and not shared disk IO.

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  1. IBM 25R8076 ServeRaid8-channel SAS Controller- Raid Support Error:, Adatec Raid Bios V5.2.0 (Build 170032), Controller Monitor inializing, Fatal Error Controller Monitor not started.
    Steps Taken: 1. Replaced Controller Card 25R8076, 25R8079, 25R8088.
    Error returned with new card.
    2. Run updates and firmware for type 7979 Systemx 3650.
    3. Pricing mother Board.

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