Use the sample files, data model, and guide to set up a fully functioning Predictive Insights system.


Use the demo guide to help you demo the capabilities of Predictive Insights. The guide describes how to use your own data in Predictive Insights. It also describes how to use tutorial data to demonstrate the value of Predictive Insights

Analyze logs

The collect.log file shows the results of all the checks completed by the collect.sh script when it ran. Learn how to use the content of the collect.log file to troubleshoot an issue.

Launch in context from an alarm

You can create an Netcool/Omnibus Web GUI tool that uses the attribute information in an alarm to launch in-context to another application from the Active Event List or Event Viewer. You can then create a tool that launches the application in-context of the resource using the attributes contained within an alarm.

Recover from an unplanned shutdown

Use the PI_services_scripts to restart the Predictive Insights components and dependencies after an unplanned server shutdown. Follow the instructions in the readme file, included in the tar file, to customize and deploy the scripts