AWS Cloudwatch

Posted: September 28, 2018 Modified: April 9, 2019


You can download the AWS Cloudwatch mediation pack from IBM Passport Advantage.

IBM Operations Analytics Predictive Insights analyzes data and learns the normal behavior of a system through KPI metric data streams. This includes data from various sources, including metrics gathered by industry performance and network monitoring solutions. A mediation pack helps users quickly integrate KPI data streams by providing a default model to integrate a particular performance manager.

Data Flow

Metric data is extracted using a REST interface. Further information can be found at the following link: Amazon Cloud Watch API Reference.

In particular, this mediation pack provides the capability to ingest performance data and metrics from the AWS Cloudwatch interface into IBM Operations Analytics Predictive Insights to perform analysis.


Released: 18 Jan 2019
Version: 1.7
Part number: CNY8YEN
Support: Supported





  • IBM Operations Analytics Predictive Insights version 1.3.3 or above.