IBM System Storage DS8000 Insight Pack

Posted: June 23, 2015 Modified: October 9, 2015


The System Storage DS8000 Insight Pack allows one to use IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis to analyze user activity, warnings and configuration messages from the DS8000 family of storage devices. Insight pack includes sample searches and a forwarder service to collect log messages from your DS8000 devices.

Use to analyze DS8000 user activity, warnings, and configuration messages.
Use to analyze DS8000 user activity, warnings, and configuration messages.

These fields and their data are displayed within the IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis search workspace and can be used in the creation of custom searches and dashboards. Fields are populated by the DS8KAnnotator, and are given names which match their source data whenever possible.

DS8000 audit log annotations

  • source: Identifies the record as a record originating from a user action (U), a system action (S), or a continuation of a previous record (C).
  • username: The username who triggered the action represented in this record.
  • logLocation: The type of audit log: 0 for regular log, 1 for system log.
  • nodeId: The Storage Facility Image or node that the action has taken place on if it relates to a node in particular.
  • type: The severity of a message.
  • id: An ID which represents the type of record.
  • idText: The text which identifies the type of record. This matches the id.
  • objectId: If present, is additional details about the result of the operation.
  • exitCode: A number identifying the result status of the operation.
  • details: If present, this field contains all the parameters as input for the operation.
  • timestamp: The DS8000 system timestamp of a record.
  • logRecord: This is the raw record text.
  • datasourceHostname: The location attribute specified for a data source.
  • hmcName: This is the name of the HMC as defined within the forwarder properties file.
  • hmcNumber: This is the number of the HMC from a DS8000 system. Each HMC may have its own log file.

Additional information

The DS8000 Insight Pack installation process consists of installing the DS8000 Insight Pack, the sample searches (optional), and the forwarder service.  The forwarder service is installed on and runs on the log analysis server machine.

When using the Insight Pack for the first time, you may wish to modify the sample searches and dashboards. By default, the dashboards are set to show events within a one day time period from the current time. All dashboard charts and searches can be edited to display results from any relative or absolute time period.

Refer to the Insight Pack documentation for additional information on the Insight Packs and steps for installing and configuring.

Training Information

Review the following video for information on using and setting up the Insight Pack.

Training and overview presentation used in the training video.

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Released: 11 June 2015
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Product Information
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  • IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis version 1.3.0 or above
  • IBM System Storage DS8000 accessible hardware management console (HMC) and credentials to export audit logs.
  • Disk space to allow temporary storage for audit log files.
  • Purchased “IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis Insight Packs for Storage- Standard 1.1″ License for each installed Insight Pack.


This package is subject to the License terms included with the Insight Pack, along with those displayed upon download.

To report a problem with deploying this entry, entitled customers may contact the country specific IBM support channel, reference the IBM Worldwide Directory. Also use the “Support” link to access the support site for IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis information.