Log Analysis Apache Kafka Health Pack

Posted: October 28, 2016 Modified: October 28, 2016


The Log Analysis Apache Kafka Health Pack provides users the ability to monitor the health of the Apache Kafka component in Log Analysis deployments.

The included dashboard provides multiple versions to filter the last 15 minutes, hour, day and year. The following panels are included:

  • Log severity distribution of log types: Displays the severity for the different log types.
  • Severity over time: Displays the severity information over time.
  • Kafka log severities: Displays the severity status of the Kafka logs.
  • Kafka log types: Displays the Kafka log types.
Log Analysis Kafka Component Health Last 15 Minutes
Log Analysis Kafka Component Health Last 15 Minutes

Additional information

Apache Kafka logging is log4j based. The Kafka Health Pack can process the following log file types:

  • kafka-controller*
  • kafka-server*
  • kafka-utils*
  • state-change*
  • log-cleaner*

Note: Apache Kafka Health Pack cannot process the zookeeper-gc* log file type.

Reference the health pack for additional information on the setup and configuration of the pack.


Released: 14 October 2016
Cost: No Charge
Support: Supported
Provider: IBM


Product Information
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  • IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis v1.3.5 and later
  • Logstash 2.2.1 or later


This package is subject to the terms and conditions displayed upon download.
Download license L-JROZ-72S5LA

To report a problem with deploying this entry, entitled customers may contact the country specific IBM support channel, reference the IBM Worldwide Directory. Also use the “Support” link to access the support site for IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis information.