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Posted: June 29, 2018 Modified: June 29, 2018


IBM Operations Analytics Predictive Insights analyzes data and learns the normal behavior of a system through KPI metric data streams. This includes data from various sources including metrics gathered by industry performance and network monitoring solutions. A mediation pack helps users quickly integrate the KPI data streams by providing a default model to integrate a particular performance manager.

IBM Operations Analytics Predictive Insights Mediation Pack for AppDynamics, Aternity, CA APM (Introscope), CA UIM, DC RUM, Dynatrace, ExtraHop, HP APM, NetIQ, Splunk, NewRelic and Oracle OEM provides a pre-built model for data ingestion. Predictive Insights creates a performance model that it uses to detect or forecast behavior outside the modeled range, including generating an alarm when an anomalous behavior occurs. Doing so enables organizations to pro-actively avoid system and solution outages before users are impacted.


As shown in the above picture, the Mediation Pack is provided as a single run-time and provides the capability to extract performance data and metrics from the following sources:

  • AppDynamics
  • Aternity
  • CA APM (Introscope)
  • CA UIM
  • Dynatrace AppMon
  • Dynatrace DC RUM
  • ExtraHop
  • Micro Focus APM (Formerly HP APM)
  • NetIQ AppManager
  • Splunk
  • NewRelic
  • Oracle OEM

The pack provides the capability to ingest (in CSV file format) the extracted performance and metrics data into IBM Operations Analytics Predictive Insights to perform analysis.

The following changes are available with version 1.4.16 of this pack:

  • Splunk: The default port is changed from 8090 to 8089.
  • AppD: The default port is changed to 8090.
  • AppD: The version check is updated for comparison against
  • AppD: Support for version dependent filtering of appNames and extended fields added.
  • AppD: Support for filtering out apps with with backslash (/), plus (+) and question mark (?) special characters which can cause issues with the AppD REST API.
  • MFAPM: Reworked MFAPM trans operations (o/p) to support multiple metrics.
  • NewRelic: Added metric extraction offset time for NewRelic.
  • CA APM: Support added for propagating CA APM window controls – saving prior to main.
  • Introscope: Propagation of changes related to Introscope metadata.

Additional information

Reference the Mediation Pack User’s Guide for deploying and configuring the mediation pack, along with the metrics handled by the pack.

The following are the currently supported Performance Manager data source versions:

  Minimum Version Supported Maximum Version Supported
AppDynamics 4.1
Aternity 8.x 8.0.6
CA APM 9.x 10.5
CA UIM 8.5.1 8.5.1
Dynatrace AppMon 6.3 6.5
Dynatrace DC RUM 12.4
ExtraHop 6.2 6.2
MicroFocus APM 9.x 9.x
NetIQ AppManager 9.x 9.x
Splunk 6.2 6.5.1
NewRelic 2.x REST API 2.x REST API
Oracle OEM 12.x 13.x

You can download the mediation pack from IBM Passport Advantage (CNS8SEN).

Training Information

Review the following video for information on using and setting up the Mediation Pack.

Training and overview presentation used in the training video


Released: 12 April 2018
Version: 1.4.16

Part number: CNS8SEN

Support: Supported





  • IBM Operations Analytics Predictive Insights version 1.3.3 or above.
  • One or more of the following:
    • AppDynamics 4.1
    • Aternity 8.x
    • CA APM (Introscope) 9.x
    • CA UIM 8.5.1
    • Dynatrace AppMon 6.3
    • Dynatrace DC RUM
    • ExtraHop 6.2
    • Micro Focus APM (Formerly HP APM) 9.x
    • NetIQ AppManager 9.x
    • Splunk 6.2
    • NewRelic 2.x REST API
    • Oracle OEM 12.x