In the comment accompanying our vote on JSR 376 we expressed a desire to see ongoing discussion, and that the Expert Group should reach closer consensus that the specification is ready to proceed to Proposed Final Draft status. The result of the Executive Committee ballot supports that position.

Java is stronger by having a rich variety of implementations backed by a robust specification and compatibility test suite. It remains important to the broader Java ecosystem that the Proposed Final Draft meets the needs of those implementers and users. The JCP is an important part of that process.

IBM values the JCP standards process. As a key member of the JCP, expert group member, and implementer of many JCP specifications, it is important to IBM that we ensure new specifications protect the Java ecosystem and ensure compatibility while evolving the technology, to ensure that Java remains the best platform for enterprise applications.

The Java Platform Module System is a significant new feature for Java SE 9. The work that has been accomplished should not be underestimated. A pragmatic, collaborative approach to the remaining few issues will allow applications to demonstrate the value that this JSR brings to the platform, and will provide invaluable experience that will help Java advance.

We remain optimistic that that the Expert Group and Specification Lead will continue to work together closely and productively on refining the draft specification. We are confident that the JSR 376 specification can be amended to improve the position on a few remaining technical issues and be presented for Proposed Final Draft without significant disruption to the Java 9 project schedule.

2 comments on"IBM’s “No” vote on JSR 376: Java Platform Module System"

  1. Andrea Taini May 14, 2017

    Module System is an absurd addition of complexity not sided by any real value added.
    Will make more difficult making software.

  2. […] Following the Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee (EC) members’ ballot on JSR 376 : Java Platform Module System, IBM called for a focused effort to address the outstanding technical issues. We suggested holding meetings of the existing Expert Group to keep the platform delivery on track. […]

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