Following the Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee (EC) members’ ballot on JSR 376 : Java Platform Module System, IBM called for a focused effort to address the outstanding technical issues. We suggested holding meetings of the existing Expert Group to keep the platform delivery on track.

The JCP rules allow up to 30-days for a re-submission ballot, so the Expert Group organized itself quickly around a series of real-time meetings that provided an immediate, productive, and healthy forum for discussion. While our preference is always for an open conversation including the broader community, we understand that sometimes such focus requires a “heads-down” working meeting. This was one of those times, and as you can read in the public minutes of those meetings from day one, day two, and day three. They were very valuable as we were able to reach a much closer consensus on the remaining specification issues in a short period of time. We look forward to seeing this revised specification being re-presented to the JCP EC, and expect the EC to support the Expert Group in their conclusion.

Of particular interest to IBM is the compatibility and migration story for enterprise applications moving to Java 9. There have been important changes relating to migration and the default behavior of JPMS that we believe will be valuable in this area. Other important issues were deferred to later releases. With a stated desire to move to more frequent platform releases, we support this pragmatic approach. We expect to learn more about how to help our customers as Java 9 is adopted, and will support them in their transition.

We see Java 9 as a strong new platform architecture for building modern micro-service-based applications, well suited to cloud deployment scenarios through customized “jlinked” runtimes. Moving existing applications and frameworks into this new architecture will be a challenge for some, and we expect those providers will receive the support they need for an extended period of time.

JSR 376 is now set to move to a Proposed Final Draft Specification. There may be minor modifications before it is declared a final specification, but the process it has undergone demonstrates that the JCP works to produce a powerful new language feature for Java. Credit to Oracle as the specification leader and those in the Expert Group who dedicated their time to reaching this milestone.

IBM will continue to work with the community and in the interests of our customers to drive open innovation in the Java SE platform. We expect to help accelerate the process to meet the demands of the ever changing ecosystem while ensuring Java remains a compatible, standardized platform.

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  1. Good, I hope that java community will add new features much faster. Java is a industry standard for enterprises and business apps and it should continue to evolve.

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