The latest refresh is now available on our Downloads page. This refresh supports Ubuntu 18.04 and contains some new features in addition to the latest Oracle critical patch updates.

Ubuntu 18.04 support

The SDK now supports Ubuntu 18.04 on x86, 64-bit IBM Power 8 systems (Little Endian), and 64-bit IBM Z systems.

Ubuntu 18.04 also includes the Linux kernel support that is required for running the Concurrent Scavenge mode of the Generational Concurrent (Gencon) garage collection policy on IBM z14® systems. For more information about this mode and any hardware and software pre-requisites, see the -Xgc option.

New MxBean for controlling dump processing

A new MxBean is now available that calls the API methods so that you can dynamically configure dump while remotely monitoring an application that is running in a remote server or container.

New environment variable to switch between ICONV and Java converters on z/OS

By default, the ICONV utility is used to convert characters from one code page set to another. In rare situations where ICONV converts to a character that is not recognised by other platforms, you can use an environment variable (USE_JAVA_CONV=1) to select the Java converter instead.

IBMJSSE2 provider updated for ALPN

The IBMJSSE2 provider is updated to support the TLS Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) Extension, which provides the means to negotiate an application protocol for a TLS connection. For more information, see the API for the IBMJSSE2 provider.

Changes to the user documentation

In a recent post, we talked about some changes to the format of the user documentation and how we were replacing our traditional platform-specific user guides with a single cross-platform SDK guide and VM reference. The older style SDK guides are now removed from IBM Knowledge Center. Although some limited redirection is in place, we encourage everyone to update their bookmarks to the following new URLs:

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