The latest refresh is now available on our Downloads page. This refresh contains new security jurisdiction policy files, support for new Thales hardware security modules, the July 2018 Oracle critical patch update, and IBM fixes to the code base.

Security jurisdiction policy files

The SDK contains limited and unlimited strength jurisdiction policy files. New policy files are included with these refreshes because the current JCE code signing certificate expires in October 2018.

If you are on an older level of the SDK and unable to move to the latest fix pack, note that the expiry of the certificate has no impact on operations. However, if you want to update your policy files, click here to navigate to the download site.

New PKCS #11 card support

The IBM PKCS #11 cryptographic provider now supports the
following cards:

  • Thales Solo XC High, XC Mid, and XC Base
  • Thales Solo 500+ and 6000+
  • Thales nShield Connect XC High, XC Mid, and XC Base
  • Thales nShield Connect 500+, 1500+, and 6000+


Details about the July Oracle CPU can be found on our security vulnerability page.

To find out which IBM fixes are include in this refresh, see the Java 8 fixes list.

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