Fix pack 37 is now available from the Downloads page.

This refresh includes the following updates:

  • Improved platform support for pause-less garbage collection
  • Support for transparent huge pages on Linux when you use the madvise system call. To enable support, specify the -XX:+TransparentHugePage option
  • on the command line

  • Support for the -XX:OnOutOfMemoryError OpenJDK HotSpot option
  • The -XX:[+|-]JITInlineWatches option is enabled by default, and is supported on z/OS® and Linux for IBM Z®
  • Removal of the redundant -Xdiagnosticscollector option

For more information about these updates, see the Current news technote.

This refresh also contains fixes to the code base. You can find out more about these from our Fixes page.

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