Fix pack 40 is now available from the Downloads page. This refresh contains the July 2019 Oracle critical patch update and the following changes:

  • An updated version of the Eclipse OpenJ9 VM, containing the following changes:
    • The VM can learn and set an appropriate initial heap size for an application as an alternative to you manually sizing and setting an -Xms value.
    • The VM automatically compacts the heap when certain triggers are met during idle garbage collection. As a result of this change, the -XX:[+|-]IdleTuningCompactOnIdle option is deprecated.
    • The -XX:[+|-]IdleTuningCompactOnIdle option is now no longer effective when the -XX:+IdleTuningGcOnIdle option is not specified.
    • Attach API internal interfaces are changed slightly, affecting the SDK’s internal class library and the tools.jar and healthcenter.jar files.
  • The implementation of JDWP is replaced by the OpenJDK equivalent, which means that some options are different.
  • IBM fixes to the code base.

You can read more about these changes in the user documentation:

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