Fix pack 41 is now available from the Downloads page.

This refresh includes the following updates:

  • The -XX:[+|-]UseGCStartupHints option, which enables or disables the automatic learning and setting of an appropriate heap size for an application, is now enabled by default.
  • Anonymous classes created by Unsafe.defineAnonymousClass are now stored in the shared classes cache.
  • The -XX:[+|-]JITInlineWatches option, which turns on JIT operations to improve the performance of JVMTI watched fields, is now also supported on AIX® and Linux on Power Systems™.
  • Support for transparent huge pages is enabled by default on Linux® on x86 systems.
  • The format of classes that are stored in the shared classes cache is changed, which causes the JVM to create a new shared classes cache rather than re-creating or reusing an existing cache. You can remove all existing shared caches unless they are in use by an earlier release. A layer column now appears in the output of the -Xshareclasses:listAllCaches option.

For more information about these updates, see the Current news technote.

This refresh also contains fixes to the code base. You can find out more about these from our Fixes page.

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