Service refresh 6, fix pack 10 is now available from the Downloads page. This refresh contains the April 2020 Oracle critical patch update and the following changes:

  • An updated version of the Eclipse OpenJ9 VM, with the following updates:
    • A new option, -XX:[+|-]GlobalLockReservation, which enables a new optimization for more efficient handling of locking and unlocking Java™ objects on AIX® and Linux on Power® Systems
    • A change to the behavior of the -XX:[+|-]ExitOnOutOfMemoryError option, which now exits only on VM OutOfMemoryError instead of both VM and Java thrown errors
  • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 7.8 and 8.2, and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Support for RSAPSS and more DSA signature algorithms in the IBMPKCS11 provider
  • Support for XEC and FFDHE curves for ECDH key agreement in the IBMJCEPlus provider
  • IBM fixes to the code base. You can find out more about these from our Fixes page

You can read more about these changes in the user documentation, in the What’s new section

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