Instant and powerful insights into the live performance of your Java applications.

Getting started is simple:

  1. Download javametrics-dash-x.x.x.war and javametrics-agent-x.x.x.jar from Github.
  2. Copy the javametrics.war file into your WebSphere Liberty dropins directory.
  3. Set a Java option in the jvm.options file.
  4. Run your web application and view the dashboard by adding /javametrics-dash to the default HTTP endpoint. For example, if you are running locally, the URL might be: http://localhost:9080/javametrics-dash/.
See the documentation for more details, for other application servers supported, or to build javametrics yourself.

Who’s using Application Metrics for Java…


Microclimate is an end to end development environment that lets you rapidly create, edit, and deploy applications.

Application metrics helps enable Microclimate diagnostic services that add capabilities at development time to improve problem determination in production through application metrics

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