Monitoring and Post Mortem

Health Center

Monitor LIVE Java applications by collecting metrics using the Health Center Agent bundled in the IBM Java SDK. Use the API to make use of the data, or visualize/analyze the metrics using IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools – Health Center (an Eclipse based GUI client).


Garbage Collection and Memory Visualizer

The Garbage Collection and Memory Visualizer (GCMV) helps visualise the memory footprint, garbage collection behaviour and performance of Java and Node.js applications using verbose garbage collection output. The Garbage Collection and Memory Visualizer provides recommendations for tuning the application.


Post Mortem analysis tools

Memory Analyzer

The Memory Analyzer brings the diagnostic capabilities of the Eclipse Memory Analyzer Tool (MAT) to the IBM Virtual Machines for Java. Memory Analyzer extends Eclipse MAT using the Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java (DTFJ) which enables Java heap analysis using operating system level dumps and IBM Portable Heap Dumps (PHD).


IBM Extensions for Memory Analyzer

The IBM Extensions for Memory Analyzer offer both additional capabilities for debugging generic Java applications, and capabilities for debugging specific IBM software products by building knowledge of those products into the extensions.


  • To install the IBM Extensions for Memory Analyzer into Eclipse Memory Analyzer use the IEMA features from the IEMA Update site. Note: To read dumps from IBM Virtual Machines for Java you will also need to install DTFJ (see below).

IBM Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java

The Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java (DTFJ) is a Java application programming interface (API) used to support the building of Java diagnostics tools.


Dump Analyzer

The Dump Analyzer analyzes a formatted system dump and produces a report including suggestions on how to resolve the problem.


Interactive Diagnostic Data Explorer

Interactive Diagnostic Data Explorer (IDDE) is the strategic tool for allowing interactive analysis of JVM problems using post mortem artifacts such as core files or javacores. It is lightweight, allowing you to quickly get information from the artifact you are investigating where you aren’t sure what the problem is and you want to avoid launching resource intensive analysis.