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What’s up in the Node.js community? Christopher Hiller talks about new Node.js tools

In this video, Christopher Hiller introduces us to a new tool, report-toolkit, which makes it easier to work with Node.js Diagnostic Reports. Cool features of the tool include an inspector element to surface issues in Diagnostic Reports, automatic secret redaction, purpose-built diffs and more.

Christopher and Michael also talk about the new Node.js Tooling Group which is focused on making Node.js a better framework for developing tools. The group is focusing on native source maps support, improving argument parsing better on the command line, better bundling of command-line applications, and hot reloading of ES modules.

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Christopher Hiller, also known as boneskull, is a member of the Node.js Tooling Group and the OpenJS Foundation Cross-Project Council, a maintainer of Mocha, and the creator of a new tool, report-toolkit.

Michael Dawson is the IBM Node.js community lead, chair of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee and member of the Node.js Community Committee.