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In this learning path, you learned about the migration tools available to help WebSphere Application Server application developers and operations personnel to help break down the tasks of application modernization. You also learned how to use the reports from the migration tools to help modernize an application and how to create the necessary configuration to run the modernized app on Liberty on Red Hat OpenShift.

Ready to get started?

Download the WebSphere migration tools, pick an application, and give it a scan to see how easy it can be to move to Liberty. If you are moving to containerized environments, there is no better application server for the job.

If you already have WebSphere Hybrid Edition, install Transformation Advisor or Mono2Micro using their operators, or you can start with a trial version of Transformation Advisor Local.

Next steps

Want to learn more about modernizing your WebSphere apps to Liberty and see demos of these WebSphere modernization tools? Check out our THINK2021 Master Class, “The Road to Liberty: Modernizing WebSphere applications.”

Or, you can get some hands-on practice with Liberty by trying the Open Liberty guides.

To stay abreast of the latest features and releases of WebSphere migration tools, such as user-defined rules for the binary scanner, read the WebSphere Application Server and Liberty Community blog..