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Get started with Watson Assistant


This learning path is designed for developers interested in quickly getting up to speed and working with Watson Assistant. The learning path begins with an overview of Watson Assistant, then continues with the deployment of the service and the use of the included tools for creating intents, entities, and integrations with other applications. It uses tutorials, videos, and code patterns to demonstrate how to create skills and use them with virtual assistants. The code patterns include open source code to give you working examples of using Watson Assistant in different use cases. See the Watson Assistant page for more information on features and getting started.

Skill level


Estimated time to complete

Approximately 2 hours.

Learning objectives

With this learning path, you get:

  • An understanding of Watson Assistant
  • Typical architectures to follow
  • How to create an assistant, including adding a skill with intents, entities, and a dialog, and creating a sample app
  • How to create a simple chatbot using Node.js and Watson Assistant, including using Watson Assistant Slots to fill out required data
  • How to create a chatbot that converses through a web UI using Watson Assistant and Node.js
  • How to make a Watson Speech To Text call using a WebSocket connection, how to make a Watson Text to Speech REST API call, and how to send and receive messages to and from Watson Assistant using REST APIs
  • How to create a Google Action with Watson Assistant
  • How to create an Alexa skill with serverless and a conversation
  • How to create a next-generation call center with Watson Assistant Phone Integration