Take control of your data with Watson Studio


This learning path is designed for anyone interested in quickly getting up to speed with using IBM Watson Studio. Watson Studio simplifies the process of experimentation to deployment, as well as data exploration, model development, and training. This learning path consists of step-by-step tutorials that explain the process of working with data using Watson Studio.

Part of this learning path explains how to use AutoAI in Watson Studio to automate the model building process. To learn more about AutoAI, look at the Simplify your AI lifecycle with AutoAI series.

Skill level


Estimated time to complete

Approximately 2 hours.

Learning objectives

With this learning path, you learn:

  • What is Watson Studio?
  • Data science methodologies
  • Common architectures
  • Data understanding, visualization, preparation, and transformation
  • Automating model building and the AutoAI Experiment
  • How to create SPSS Modeler flows in IBM Watson Studio
  • How to build models using Jupyter Notebooks in IBM Watson Studio