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Building skills in IoT development


The Internet of Things is more than a technological trend, it is a technological revolution. By embedding sensors in everyday things, connecting them, and applying analytics to the data they collect, the objects around us become smarter. To be a part of this technological revolution, you’ll need to explore the architectures, designs, and development best practices of more complex IoT solutions.

Prerequisite knowledge

Before completing this learning path, you should complete the Getting started with IoT development learning path.

Skill level


Estimated time to complete

Approximately 5 hours

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this learning path, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to apply standard IoT architectures for your IoT project
  • Avoid some of the worst security issues in IoT solutions
  • Know how you can best manage your IoT devices
  • Store your IoT data, analyze that IoT data, and apply rules to act on your IoT data
  • Understand how to get started with large-scale IoT projects
  • Develop an IoT device and IoT application that uses an Python, MQTT and UDP, and IBM Watson IoT Platform.