Get started using Kubernetes Operators

Operators extend Kubernetes by automating software configuration and maintenance activities that are typically performed by human operators. Operators also automate other more complex lifecycle management tasks such as version upgrades, failure recovery, and scaling.

This learning path consists of a series of articles that introduce you to key concepts related to Kubernetes Operators, and a tutorial that shows you how to develop and deploy a basic operator.

  • 100: Introduction to Kubernetes Operators
  • 101: Use Kubernetes operators to extend Kubernetes’ functionality
  • 200: Tutorial: Develop and deploy a basic Kubernetes operator
  • 201: Deep dive into Memcached Operator code

Additionally, you will learn how to build operators at all capability levels.

Intro to Kubernetes Operators video

For a quick introduction, start with a video introducing Kubernetes Operators.


After completing this learning path, you will have:

  • A high-level understanding of what Kubernetes Operators are, what they do, and key features
  • An in-depth understanding of operators, including the operator structure, how deployments works in operators, and how the reconciliation loop works
  • The ability to develop a Golang-based operator to manage Kubernetes resources
  • An in-depth understanding of the Memcached operator code that builds an operator