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Linux on IBM Power Systems developer portal

Learn about developing on the Power architecture, find packages, get access to cloud resources, discover the tools and technologies you need to build applications, and connect with your peers and other developers, data scientists, and academics

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Power Systems performance

Power Systems performance

Built to scale data-intensive workloads and optimized for performance, IBM Power Systems deliver superior price-performance over x86 competitors.


Watson Machine Learning

The Watson Machine Learning family of products provides an enterprise-class software solution for quickly and easily building an end-to-end deep learning environment for your organization.

IBM Advance Toolchain

Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power

Open source compilers, runtime libraries, and development tools that allow you to take advantage of the latest hardware features running on Linux. Relase 12.0-1 is now available.

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Search for packages

Find Linux packages that run on the Power little endian (ppc64le) platform with the open source POWER availability tool (OSPAT)

Access cloud resources

Explore, learn, and develop on the POWER platform with access to hardware and resources, including GPUs, in the cloud.

Prepare your development environment

We have the development tools you need to port or develop applications on the Power platform.

Explore key technologies

Leverage open source technologies designed to take advantage of the availability, performance, and security of Power.

Port your application

Porting your x86 Linux applications to IBM POWER is a straightforward endeavor with the potential for huge returns. Our porting guide will show you how.

Troubleshoot undefined reference errors

If you encounter an undefined reference error for a particular symbol at compile time, use the Library Finder to find the library where the symbol is defined and the package that contains the library.