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Learn about developing on the Power architecture, find packages, get access to cloud resources, discover the tools and technologies you need to build applications, and connect with your peers and other developers, data scientists, and academics.

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PowerAI Cognitive Journey Maps
Register for a free trial Nimbix Cloud account to try out our cognitive journey maps that showcase machine learning with PowerAI.

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Get support

Ask questions, contribute to the conversation, and meet the Linux on Power ecosystem team. Here are some ways for you to get started:

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Contribute content

If you have a how-to tip you’d like to share or an idea for an article or blog, we’d like to hear from you.

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Learn about the POWER architecture

Run highly scalable, highly reliable, and highly flexible Linux environments on POWER processor-based servers. The benefits of Power Systems are realized whether you are deploying new applications or want to improve the performance of existing applications. With POWER8, moving your Linux applications to Power has never been easier.

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Find open source packages built for POWER

There are thousands of Linux binary packages that run on IBM Power Systems with more being added all the time.

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Access POWER resources in the cloud

Use the OpenPOWER Developer Resources Map, developed by the OpenPOWER foundation team, to quickly and easily find regional and global sites that offer access to OpenPOWER development tools and platforms. Many of them are free!

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Discover POWERful tools and technologies

Many Linux on Power tools are available from IBM, the Linux distributions supported on Power, and other open source projects.

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Collaborate with other POWER developers

Collaboration as well as innovation worldwide has led to community-driven projects that address the needs of Linux developers experienced with the Power architecture and newbies alike. Join the community, share your expertise, get support.