IBM has long been committed to growth of Linux, especially Linux on IBM Power Systems. Collaboration as well as innovation world-wide has led to community-driven projects that address the needs of the community as a whole. The Linux on IBM Power System Developer portal is the latest step in the IBM commitment to Linux on Power.

One of the more common questions we receive is what binaries are currently supported on Linux on Power and where can I try them out? Searching for binaries that support Linux on Power can be frustrating. The Linux on Power Developer portal provides a entry point to finding this information.

The Open Source Power Availability Tool is a search engine that analyzes open source repositories to locate and return information about packages that are supported on the POWER8 architecture.

We have many resources available for developing, migrating and testing your applications on IBM Power hardware in the cloud. The OpenPower ecosystem map, created by the OpenPower Foundation, is a handy resource that provides information and links to all the locations that provide these cloud services on IBM Power. Some of the featured free resources include the following:

You can also access tools to assist you, including AutoPort, IBM Software Development Kit (SDK) for Linux on Power, and Service and productivity tools for Linux on Power.

AutoPort Tools automates the building and testing process so that projects that are created on github can be built and tested automatically on a Jenkins build cluster. Autoport helps you find projects at github and to build and test those projects automatically. You can then easily submit a build job for those projects to a set of managed Linux build servers. In addition, Autoport provides various reporting tools that can help you to resolve issues.

The IBM Software Development Kit for Linux on Power provides you with an all-in-one solution for developing software on Linux on Power platforms. The SDK integrates C/C++ source development with the Advance Toolchain, Post-Link Optimization, and classic Linux performance analysis tools, including Oprofile, Perf, and Valgrind.

The IBM service and productivity tools for Linux on Power Systems servers provides hardware inventory tools, hardware and service diagnostic aids, performance tools, and Power RAID utilities. The packages are included in the IBM Linux on Power tools repository, also known as the yum repository.

We look forward to continuing our journey in this area with you. Thanks for following us as we take these first steps. In time, this portal will become a one-stop shop for all things Linux on Power.

2 comments on"Linux on IBM Power Systems Developer Portal"

  1. Very nice. A good direction for the expanding realm of Linux offerings on the Power and OpenPower systems.

  2. Great direction from IBM..

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