Ocata, the 15th OpenStack release (https://releases.openstack.org/ocata/) completed on February 22nd, 2017. The Linux Technology Center (LTC) in IBM is very active in this community and has had another very productive release. The team is working to ensure that OpenStack is enabled for Power, and that there are subject matter experts in the key areas of OpenStack. The following contributions are the major ones that came from LTC:

  • Workgroups
    • Became core reviewer in the API Working Group
  • Networking ( Neutron )
    • Completed routed networks implementation with functionality to feed the Nova scheduler with IPv4 inventories in routed networks segments
    • Became neutron core reviewer
  • Compute ( Nova )
    • Collaborated in the designing, debugging, and implementation of the Placement engine and API
  • Container Management Service (Zun)
    • Created Unit Test Suite for Docker Driver
    • 2 new core reviewers added
    • Collaborated on Roadmap
    • Define specifications for dedicated resource scheduling of deployed containers
  • Infrastructure/Third Party CI
    • Ongoing validation of Linux on POWER (KVM)
    • Now voting on Nova and Devstack
    • Support for bootable QCOW2 Images in CirrOS on Power
  • Bare Metal(Ironic)
    • Added “MoltenIron” test pool management

For more information about the Ocata release, see the following links:

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