With the GA of RHEL 7.4 last month, Red Hat has started supporting Container for IBM POWER Systems. Specifically they have announced a limited support for Containers on Little Endian POWER systems (ppc64le). Apart from Docker Engine & Docker Distribution, key packages like etcd (distributed Key-Value store) & flannel (Overlay Network for Containers) have also been made available. IBM & Red Hat would continue to work together to evolve & enhance the Container offerings for POWER in the future.

Here is a snippet from the release notes:-

Now containers have limited support on the little-endian variant of IBM power Systems (PPCle). See the Supported Architectures for Containers on RHEL for details.

Notably, packages from the Extras channel are now provided for the little-endian variant of IBM power Systems, along with the rhel7-ppc64le base container. This enables using containers on these systems with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4.

The complete release notes for RHEL 7.4 can be found at here.

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