IBM Cloud Private is IBM’s new on premise cloud that gives you all the features of a cloud along with all the security, performance, and control of an on premise data center. In 2017 80% of the cloud segment was associated with private clouds. IBM’s goal is to make IBM Cloud Private the private cloud of choice for customers deploying private clouds.

Want to get on the IBM Cloud Private band wagon – then check out this new enablement guide. The guide outlines the six steps you will need to go through to “package” your application so that it can appear in IBM Cloud Private’s catalog. Once it’s in the catalog your application can be used by others who are developing this next generation of “born on the cloud” applications. IBM Cloud Private is Kubernetes based and utilizes Helm Charts to manage the deployments of applications into the cloud — so you may already be up to speed on the technology required to package your application.

The guide includes links to several examples, and places where you get access to free instances of ICP – running on top of IBM’s POWER8 and new POWER9 processors. There are even a limited number of GPU enabled clusters that can be allocated if you have an application that can exploit the power of a GPU. Learn more about the advantages of running IBM Cloud Private on POWER systems.

We’ve set up a shared Repository for your Helm charts so that other developers can easily add your components into their IBM Cloud Private catalog.

Is your application built around micro-services? IBM Cloud Private has a Micro-Service Builder component (Jenkins based) in the catalog that you can deploy to allow you to set up a CI/CD pipeline.

Download the community edition of IBM Cloud Private for free and get started today!

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