Whether your enterprise is manufacturing products with high quality, identifying defective insulators on power lines, monitoring railway tracks for maintenance, or analyzing videos for intruders, odds are you acknowledge that there’s a dire need to transform your business with computer vision. You many, however, encounter challenges that hamper your plans to differentiate.

First off, it’s the business users in the enterprise who are the subject matter experts on the data and are well versed with insights that can transform their businesses. Current tools to pre-process and label data for training can be laborious and error prone. Also, business users may not be trained in technologies like machine learning or deep learning that can accelerate the detection of actionable-insights.

Second, advanced technologies, like deep learning, where models for computer vision are trained by labeled data-sets depend on skilled engineers called “data scientists.” Currently, there’s a huge gap in the supply and demand for skilled data scientists. And, let’s face it – not all data scientists are created equal.

And finally, training tasks are extremely compute intensive and typically need to bank on hardware optimized for deep learning jobs. Even if your enterprise has an approved budget to embark on the transition, you may be confused about which combination of software, hardware, and partner consultants is right for you. This is where IBM PowerAI Vision comes in.

PowerAI Vision is a new offering from IBM that is designed with business users in mind. It provides a clickable interface where business users bring in their data, label data-sets, and train deep learning models that can classify images and detect objects. IBM PowerAI Vision is built on principles of auto-ML, where base models with optimized hyper parameters are trained using “transfer-learning”. The offering engages partially trained models to auto label objects on videos to generate volumes of data-sets required for training. Data labeling tasks that took days are now much faster. IBM PowerAI Vision is the only product in the market where Deep Learning is applied for Data Labeling. We call it “DL for DL”.

Figure1: Workflow – Label, Train and Deploy

Key highlights of PowerAI Vision

  • AI for ALL: radiologists, supervisors, security inspectors to train models without deep learning skills
  • Classification and Object Detection: with click of a button, models can be trained to categorize images and detect objects in images and videos.
  • Accelerate data labeling: train models iteratively, automatically label videos to generate data sets for training. Auto labeling rapidly accelerates pre-processing jobs.
  • Faster insights and more accuracy: optimized for GPUs on IBM® Power Systems™, backed with IBM Research breakthroughs
  • Enterprise grade offering: software-hardware stack validated for interoperability, with support available from IBM

Our effort has helped position IBM as a one stop vendor to provide software, optimized hardware, and services for enterprises to transform quickly. Early adopters can get onboard with PowerAI Vision in the following ways:

Explore the following developer journeys to create custom solutions :

I trust you will find IBM PowerAI Vision suitable for your computer vision needs and we would love to hear your feedback on our forums.

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