I am pleased to announce the general availability of CentOS Linux 7 (1804) for POWER9 processors (ppc64le – powerpc 64-bit little endian). This release is derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 ALT.

Note this release is 99% equivalent to the existing CentOS 7 Linux 7 (1804) for POWER8 processors (ppc64le – powerpc 64-bit little endian). The key difference being that kernel-4.14.0 is used for POWER9 enablement and kernel-3.10.0 is used for POWER8 enablement.

You will find the CentOS 7 (1804) Power9 installation images here:


sha256sum power9:
753c5b55c9ff681c925ec7d7c5295890284f40ec981f4da35b1f36f1ecbad95a CentOS-7-Power9-Everything-1804.iso
58d9af172656db71947b5db2d0d1f577217bbc1a86eada7ca3ce7bfcf7d7d9b4 CentOS-7-Power9-NetInstall-1804.iso

CentOS 7 (1804) Power9 repositories:

A special thank you to Johnny Hughes and Pablo Greco for their assistance making this release possible.

This announcement originally appeared at https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-announce/2018-August/022987.html

3 comments on"Announcing CentOS Linux 7 for POWER9"

  1. Rubens Dzibanskei August 28, 2018

    Show we are already using in our environment, this approval was very expected, we will use with postgres, making available a 100% opensource solution on Power9!

  2. Is CentOS supported by IBM on power systems?

    • ThinkOpenly January 31, 2019

      @Govind, define “supported”. There is a community behind it, making it work, and producing the images announced here. If you want to purchase a support contract, it might be easiest to go with Red Hat Enterprise Linux instead. Red Hat on Power Systems comes with support. (There might be offerings for support contracts for CentOS on Power Systems, too, but I’m not sure.)

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