A new version of IBM Performance Simulator for Linux on POWER is now available. This version adds support for the POWER9 family of processors.

The IBM Performance Simulator processes instruction traces and produces cycle-accurate reports on how those instructions traverse the processor microarchitecture, cycle-by-cycle. In this way, resource bottlenecks and scheduling dynamics can be analyzed at a very low level. Two viewer applications (scrollpv and jviewer are included for visualizing the reports.

The packaging has been improved with this release. Previously, installation of a new package (POWER8, for example) would replace any existing package (POWER7). With this release, support for all versions can be installed simultaneously (POWER7, POWER8, and POWER9). Indeed, updating from a current version will bring support for all POWER processor families. It is possible to install individual packages, if, for example, only support for one POWER processor family is desired. Additionally, the processor cycle usage viewers, scrollpv and jviewer, have been moved to their own independent package. The “viewers” package will be included in an upgrade, maintaining the functionality provided by earlier packaging.

New packages are:

  • sim_ppc-power9
    IBM Performance Simulator for POWER9 processors
  • sim_ppc-power8
    IBM Performance Simulator for POWER8 processors
  • sim_ppc-power7
    IBM Performance Simulator for POWER7 processors
  • sim_ppc-viewers
    IBM Performance Simulator viewer applications (scrollpv and jviewer)
  • sim_ppc-0p9
    Meta-package to facilitate updates from earlier versions. Installing this package will bring all of the others.

Both RPM and DEB packages are available.

A brief example of how to use the IBM Performance Simulator can be found in the article, “15 porting and tuning tools for Linux on Power”.

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  1. This is awesome! would like to sure use this feature sometimes….

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