In today’s busy world, it’s all about automation, automation and more automation. Let’s face it, manually provisioning infrastructure and installing apps is something IT administrators just don’t have the time for.

The de-facto standard industry solution? Yep, Ansible! Ansible is a widely popular open source framework for performing provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, orchestration and everything in between. There are thousands of Ansible modules available that allow anything to be automated, including provisioning of public cloud resources.

And now we are excited to share that IBM Cloud can be fully driven by Ansible, with over 100 modules available to automate all facets of the IBM Cloud. Whether you want to automate the creation of virtual private clouds (VPCs), virtual machines, storage volumes, floating IPs or anything else, we’ve got you covered!

And yes, this also includes the full set of IBM Power Systems resources, including AIX, IBM i and GPU-accelerated Linux! And to drive Ansible at enterprise scale with a nice graphical user interface, you can use these cloud modules with Ansible AWX or Red Hat Ansible Tower (i.e., the commercial form of AWX) across your IT landscape.

To get started today, check out the IBM Cloud Collection for Ansible on GitHub and an example of provisioning AIX or IBM i in the IBM public cloud.

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