Global Product Manager, Columbus, Ohio, USA

At IBM, Srinivas (SRINI) Chitiveli has honed various roles in relation to defining, developing and deploying software products. He loves to call it the 3Ds of a Product offering. Currently Srini is a Product Manager at IBM and is responsible for an exciting offering called IBM PowerAI Vision. Built on the principles of autoML, the offering lowers barriers for creating AI solutions with Computer Vision. The offering is a complete ecosystem where models can be trained and deployed without coding. Srini is an inventor with several Patents and an author of IBM Publications.

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Computer Vision made simple with IBM PowerAI Vision

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Introducing IBM PowerAI Vision: Lower technical barriers to create AI solutions

Whether your enterprise is manufacturing products with high quality, identifying defective insulators on power lines, monitoring railway tracks for maintenance, or analyzing videos for intruders,...

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